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Content Creation Packages

Service Overview

Why should you consider a content package?

Creating content for social media, websites, email and print can be a time consuming activity for any business. Doing it yourself consistently and at an appropriate standard is not always desirable or achievable. But it's still necessary.

Here are 5 reasons why outsourcing your content creation is the best decision you'll make today: 

  1. Posting consistency - ensure you have the imagery you need to post regularly. Maintain the schedule your business needs to be seen and grow.
  2. Image quality and style consistency - Maintain and improve brand awareness by using content which is consistently on brand.
  3. Imagery availability for when it counts - don't miss out on PR opportunities because you don't have the right imagery to hand. Your content package will provide you with a library of assets to cherry pick from when you most need it.
  4. Reduction in internal tasks you have to do - don't waste time doing a task you're not efficient at. You're good at other things, like running your business. I'm good at this.
  5. Predictable pricing and deliverables - one single price for all your content needs.
Content Creation Packages

The Service

How does it work? 

Once you've made your package selection, we'll meet to discuss what content you need and how best to capture it. Then we'll set a time each period (monthly or quarterly) to create your photos and videos. I'll come to you (if that's the best place for it) capture your content and I'll send you the lot when I've edited it for you to use as you wish. No constraints, no licensing fees, nowt.

If you require photo or video of something not on your business premises, I'll go and get it! Simple as that. All I'll need to know is what you want, why it's relevant and what affect you want to have on the audience who sees it.

Need help working out what to create? Let me know, I can help with that too!

Once I've delivered the content we'll set a date to capture the next month's content and so on.

Invoicing will occur each period and is billed when the content is delivered. Expenses may be required for props, travel and subsistence and will be discussed before any purchases are made.

If you do decided it's not for you, I'll need 1 calendar month's notice and then wish you all the best.

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Content Creation Packages

Package Contents

What do you get in a content creation package?

Each period (monthly or quarterly) you'll receive copies of your photos and videos supplied in the various shapes and sizes (as seen below). This will give you the most versatility for your imagery and the greatest bang for your buck.

These are also the formats you'll most likely be asked for if working with an external marketing agency.

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Print Images
High resolution landscape and portrait images optimised for magazines, flyers, banners & more
300 DPI | JPEG | CMYK | 3:2 Aspect Ratio
A thin line image of a star.
WEb Images
Landscape and portrait images optimised for website sale pages, blogs & landing pages
72 DPI | JPEG | sRGB | 1800px longest edge
A thin line image of a star.
Social Images
Portrait and square images created specifically for Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn
72 DPI | JPEG | sRGB | 6:19 & 1:1 Aspect Ratio
A thin line image of a star.
Email Images
Create beautiful, engaging  emails with on-brand images suitable for your newsletters & sales emails
72 DPI | JPEG | sRGB | Landscape | 3:2 Aspect Ratio
A thin line image of a star.
Short Form Videos
Short duration videos created specifically for all of your social media platforms
MP4 | h264 | 
19:6 Aspect Ratio
A thin line image of a star.
Web Videos
Highly optimised landscape oriented videos designed for your website hero, sales pages and blog articles
MP4 | h264 | 
3:2 Aspect Ratio
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Content Creation Packages


Pick your Content Creation Package

To get started, simply select a content package from the options shown below.

There are two schedules of service available, one which occurs monthly (those labelled 'M') and those which are quarterly and are a bit more suitable for businesses which are seasonal (those labelled 'S'). Each schedule has three levels of service available giving you an increasing quantity of digital products per period.

However, if you can't see what you're after, bespoke packages are available upon request. Click the orange button let me know what you need.

Don't forget, you get much more...

Don't forget, if it says 10 digital images, you'll receive 10 different images but in each of the 4 formats shown above in the blue boxes. So you're actually receiving at least 40 digital files meaning you can post 10 times on social media in the month as well as use an equivalent image on your website, in print or in your emails too!

What's a rollover? 

Pick a Level 3 package and receive the benefit of a rollover. This benefit gives you the ability to push your content into the next month. So if you don't need all of your products in the current month you can push them into the next period. This is great for scheduled events where you want to capture a one-off activity without having to spend more. Rollovers can only occur for one month before expiring.

Quarterly Packages - ideal for seasonal / hospitality businesses

For those seasonal changes which occur like clockwork in your hotel or restaurant including: new furnishings, seasonal staff changes, new food menu items, spring flowers, Mothers' day, Easter, summer holidays, Halloween and Christmas celebrations.

Get your content sorted once a quarter for your seasonal campaigns and it's done!
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Level Q1
20x Digital Images
2x Short Form Videos
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Level Q2
40x Digital Images
4x Short Form Videos
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Level Q3
75x Digital Images
6x Short Form Videos
1x 3-min Video

Monthly Packages - ideal for service and product based businesses

33% cheaper per session than my seasonal packages above
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Level M1
10x Digital Images
2x Short Form Videos
A thin line image of a star.
LEvel M2
20x Digital Images
4x Short Form Videos
A thin line image of a star.
LEvel M3
45x Digital Images
6x Short Form Videos
1x 3-min Video
Loved working with Al, he is very detail orientated and wanted to make sure that my images were exactly what I wanted. Great product photos!
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Jade M
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Content Creation Packages

Example Content


A top-down shot of a range of Thai food dishes available from Doi Intanon in Ambleside.
The ballroom at Blackpool Tower in full party mode.
A bowl full of Doi Intanon's jungle curry.
A man in a black car is being chased by a 4x4 with another man shooting out of the window at him.
A female harp player with blond hair plays her harp.
A woman in a black blouse and black jeans with auburn hair leans against the railings of an old suspension bridge. She's smiling towards the camera
A professional mixed couple dance pair enjoy the ballroom at Blackpool Tower
A man is seen in the mirror of a car. He's wearing a cap
A man with a mole on his face smiles at the camera
A woman smiles at the camera as she reverses a car.
A professional mixed couple dance pair enjoy the ballroom at Blackpool Tower
A group of bodybuilders pose in a darkened gym
A woman in a kitchen is showing a plate of Thai food.
A copy of Career Pursuit magazine is seen lying next to a pair of men chatting while sitting on bean bags
A man and woman sit opposite each other at a table in a Thai restaurant. They're sat next to the window enjoying their food.
A woman wearing a black t-shirt sits on the tailgate of a 4x4
A man checks a pistol's barrel is empty. He's standing inside next to a gun locker.
A hand punches through a yellow background to hold a copy of Career Pursuit magazine.
A man in white shorts does a pull up on a machine in a gym. He is showing off his back muscles.
A fleet of black cars is seen in front of a scenic summer evening view across a valley

Short Form Videos

Longer Videos

A range of different chilis, a sharp knife and a single, lone green runner bean.
How much does a commercial video cost in the UK
10 benefits from professional event photography
Top 15 Reasons to Use Pro Photos on Your Website
Branding Photography For Career Pursuit Magazine