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Service Overview

What is this all about?

The marketing power of food imagery

Welcome to my food photography and videography services. I'm here to capture the essence of your culinary creations with attention to detail, creating visuals that make your food look as good as it tastes.

I go beyond just taking pictures of your dishes; I want to showcase the heart of your food. In a world where people often decide what to eat by looking at pictures, it's the food which should be doing the talking. Whether you're a restaurant owner, food blogger, or run a catering business, my services are designed to make your food stand out.

If you're in hospitality, own a restaurant or are a food supplier, having professional photos and videos isn't just a nice-to-have; it's essential. High-quality visuals not only attract customers but also build trust, enhance online engagement and even contribute to your SEO. They show the effort you put into your food, encouraging customers to try what your brand has to offer. Let me elevate your culinary brand – where every image and video should tell a delicious story.

The video below is a client interview following a set of branding and food photography sessions at his restaurant in Ambleside. Hear his thoughts on how our time went together.

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A chef flips a wok over a hot stove in a restaurant kitchen. Flames escape above the pan.
Product Photography

What kind of food photography do you need?



The head chef of a Thai food restaurant in Ambleside, UK, adds lemon garnish to a plate of food on the hotplate.
Food shown in natural surroundings
A range of different chilis, a sharp knife and a single, lone green runner bean.
Food creatively shot in campaign and brand-tailored scenes
Images used for advertising, social media, in menus, cookbooks, packaging and branding
Images shown in magazines, flyers, digital and physical displays and online advertising
1 -> many lifestyle images captured in a session
Typically only 1 / 2 images captured in a single image
Shots to show the dishes natural form, perhaps how it's been made or what kind of flavours it contains
Shots designed to get the viewer to say 'Wow!'
Quick to capture batches of different perspectives from the same environment
Images take time to create correctly
Basic planning stage required
Thorough planning stage required to develop image concept & build image scene.
Charged as a session
Charged as a session
Best for businesses wanting to educate their customers, provide on-brand images or tell a story
Best for businesses with specific marketing goals and those keen to really make their food stand out against their competitors


Food in it's natural environment

These images show the food in use in its natural environment. For instance, a dish photographed on the businesses table to show the customer what the complete dish looks like. These can take a little thought in the preparation stage and may include models and specific locations so the product is shown on-brand. But, the shooting phase is relatively quick and you'll get a lot of variation between images. Lifestyle images are charged by the session.


Images made to make you go Wow!

Really bespoke images created for advertising your food and possibly used in print or online magazines etc. These images are crafted to meet your brand and marketing objectives and are conceived in collaborative planning sessions between me and your business. The impact of these images is high because they speak directly to your customer's demographic, psychographic and/or behavioural traits. Plus, they're usually really cool! They do take more time than any other image to make but the results are completely bespoke and really set the dish apart from your competitor's. Because of the bespoke nature of these images they're charged by the session.

Just a great guy in general. Al Topping has a high level professionalism, he is full of great ideas and has a lot to offer whether you are experienced or a newbie looking for high level service.
Owner of the Doi Intanon Thai Restaurant, Kim Kaengrit
Kim K
Doi Intanon Thai Restaurant

Do you have a dish which needs some attention?

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