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Service Overview

What is this all about?

Providing you with the best imagery needed to sell your products

If you've got a product to sell, you're going to need some way of showing your customers what it is, how it works, who it's for and why they need it (plus many more answers to their questions). From simple e-commerce, white background (known as 'packshot') photographs to highly bespoke and creative product shots to dynamic videos, my goal is to provide visually striking content which does one key thing.... helps sell the product.

Investing in these professionally created visuals goes beyond aesthetics; it's a strategic move with tangible results. Elevate brand presentation, build trust, boost conversion rates and reduce returns. These versatile assets are fundamental to your marketing strategy and so are well worth the investment.

I offer a range of product photo and video service to help businesses of any size achieve their marketing goals. I focus on creating visuals that communicate your product's unique value in a way which is aligned with your brand giving you a valuable resource to appropriately market it.

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Product Photography

What kind of product photography do you need?

E-commerce / Packshot



A product photo of a bottle of helm wind outdoor skin cream massage oil on a white background
Product shown on a white background
Boots for water rescue workers worn by a model also wearing a red waterproof dry suit.
Product shown in it's 'natural habitat'
A pair of Oakley Crankshaft sunglasses on a snowy background with a red to yellow colour gradient over it.
Product shown in campaign and brand-tailored bespoke scene
Images used on e-commerce websites, brand websites and more
Images used nearly everywhere
Images shown in magazines, flyers, digital and physical displays and online
1 -> Many products captured in sequence
1 -> Small quantity of products captured in a session
Typically only 1 product captured in a single image
Simple shots showing shape, size and colour variations
Shots to show how the product might be used, by who and where
Shots designed to promote a significant emotional change in the buyer
Quick to capture batches of similar sized and shaped images with little variation
Quick to capture batches of different perspectives from the same environment
Images take time to create correctly
Almost no planning required
Basic planning stage required
Thorough planning stage required to develop image concept & build image scene.
Charged per image or per batch
Charged as a session
Charged as a session
Best for businesses with limited budgets and those required to have packshot images on their e-commerce platforms
Best for businesses wanting to show their products aligned with their brand
Best for businesses with larger budgets or those keen to advertise their products in the best way possible

E-commerce / Packshot

An e-commerce product photo

Ideal for showing basic shapes, designs, sizes and comparisons between variations of products. They're also required on some e-commerce platforms. Quick to do when image setups stay the same between each photo. Changing shot angles or changing between products of different sizes does eat into the time available. This type of images is charged per image for small quantities or by the session for larger quantities.


A lifestyle product photo

These images show the product in use in its natural environment. For instance, kitchenware seen in a kitchen or coffee shop being held by a customer. These take a little more thought in the preparation stage and may include models and specific locations so the product is shown on-brand. But, the shooting phase is a lot quicker than packshot photography and you'll get a lot more variation between images. Lifestyle images are charged by the session.


An advertising product photo

Really bespoke images created for advertising your product, possibly in print or online magazines etc. These images are crafted to meet your brand and marketing objectives and are conceived in collaborative planning sessions between me and your business. The impact of these images is high because they speak directly to your customer's demographic, psychographic and/or behavioural traits. Plus, they're usually really cool! They do take more time than any other image to make but the results are completely bespoke and really set the product apart from your competitor's. Because of the bespoke nature of these images they're charged by the session.

Loved working with Al, he is very detail orientated and wanted to make sure that my images were exactly what I wanted. Great product photos!
Jade M
Helm Wind Outdoor Skincare

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