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Service Overview

What is this all about?

Documenting important moments for your business in real-time

My event photo and video services are specifically designed for the fast-paced world of marketing. I understand the vital role your business events play in shaping brand narratives, engaging audiences, and driving marketing success. I'm here to help you harness the power of event storytelling and enhance your marketing efforts, visually.

When you put on an event it usually comes with a hefty price tag. You'll probably be hoping to get some of that back, if not more! My event services are here to provide your business with opportunities to do that. As a media guy and as a marketer, I have a deep understanding of how to capture important moments from your event that truly resonate with your target audience. I pay meticulous attention to detail and deliver polished content that not only encapsulates the essence of your event but also reinforces your brand's messaging and marketing strategy.

Some ways I will do this are by providing you with:

  • event highlight videos
  • repurposing key moments for social media
  • providing event photos for your patrons to purchase
  • recording keynote speeches
  • creating brand videos from footage at live events
  • producing webinar and educational content

I believe in customizing my services to align seamlessly with your marketing objectives. Contact me today to explore how my visual content can elevate your marketing campaigns, engage your audience, and contribute long-term value to your brand.

Your marketing events deserve exceptional visual content that leaves a lasting impression, and that's precisely what I offer – an invaluable investment in your marketing success. Click on the orange button below, let's talk about your event and how I can help bring it to life.

A black and white photo of guests enjoying a posh dinner as part of a black tie dinner night event.
Event Photography

Why hire an event photographer?

I've documented charity dinner nights to product launches and corporate gatherings. Images from these kind of events will allow you to enrich your marketing efforts, engaging your audience with an authentic perspective of what happened and build brand awareness. My images are ideal for social media, your website's static and blog content, emails, and printed marketing materials; I'll give you more ways to humanize your brand - who doesn't want that!?

So, for personal interactions or large corporate multi day events, there's an option available which will give you theimages you need to enhance your brand awareness and messaging.

Still need convincing? Check out this article I wrote to answer just this: 10 ways to benefit from professional event photography.

Otherwise, to investigate options for your event, click on the orange button below, fill out the short form and I'll arrange a time to discuss our options. At no point are you committed to anything and if there are things I can help you achieve on your own without me then I will offer guidance how to do that too.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

...when we got the photos back, we were blown away by how great they looked. Al captured the day for us perfectly, and we'll definitely use him again in the future.
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Jackie L
BFBS Creative

Ready to get the show on the road?

Click the orange button below, fill out a short contact form and I'll arrange a time to call you back. In the call we'll be able to explore your goals and create a tailored plan that brings your vision to life.

Let's capture the best from your event!

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Event Videos

Why capture video at your event?

Create an immediate impact with your customers by sharing your story, ethos or mission statement and make your business stand out against your competitors.

Capturing video footage at your events allows you to  convey the energy and emotions for more easily than just as photographs. My approach goes beyond simply recording moments; it aims to transmit the stories, experiences, and connections that unfold throughout your event. When you choose my event videography services, you're on the path to enriching your brand's storytelling.

Whether it's a product launch, corporate gathering, conference, or celebration, I craft short and long form content to support your overall marketing goals. This provides you with versatile visual assets that can be effectively utilized for social media, websites, and internal and external communications.

You can get a lot of mileage from event footage, for instance: create webinars and training materials, testimonials and case studies, content for email marketing, social proof and FOMO content.

Whatever you decide, I'm able to give you the lift your marketing wants to achieve from your event.

Ready to get the show on the road?

Click the orange button below, fill out a short contact form and I'll arrange a time to call you back. In the call we'll be able to explore your goals and create a tailored plan that brings your vision to life.

Let's capture the best from your event!

Our launch part went really well and the video made it. Thank you so much. Everyone thought it was great, well captured and good music too.
A woman wearing black stands in a playground while holding a cycling helmet
Sarah W
Celebrating Forces Families
We recently booked Al for a Corporate Event at the Blackpool Tower and were so impressed from start to finish!

Al was great to work with, excellent communication and transparency from the offset. The photographs that Al took were amazing and captured our event perfectly...

The final images were presented in a user friendly and easy to use gallery for us to share with attendees and clients, the whole process was seamless!

So much so that we have already booked Al for this year's event in December!
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Amy H
Fit Steps
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