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Video Production

What is a commercial video production service?

A commercial video production service involves crafting engaging videos to promote products, services, or brands. It is an essential tool which helps captivate a business's audiences, conveying messages effectively and driving action.

From advertisements to product demonstrations, explainer videos to testimonials, videos serve various marketing, communication, and educational purposes. They help businesses of all sizes enhance their online presence, train employees and engage customers.

Placing videos strategically in your businesses marketing can attract, inform, and convert potential customers into loyal ones. Create more than one and you're on your way to a fully automated video marketing funnel which finds, educates and sells to prospective clients on auto pilot.

Video Production

Why Choose Me To Provide Your Commercial Videos?

If you've read my 'How Much Does A Commercial Video Cost in the UK' article, then you'll know there are a few different kinds of video production company out there offering slightly different services. I would classify myself as a 'Middle-ground Hero' - an individual or small business offering high-quality video content at a sensible price.

If you've not read this article, then once you've looked through this page, it might be worth going and having a look. Here's that link again for easy navigation. How Much Does A Commercial Video Cost in the UK.

What differentiates my services from my competitors is how I approach your video needs. As with all my commercial services, I won't be handing you a pretty video (or photo) unless I know it aligns with your marketing strategy - the 'why' to the digital products we've just created together. This way, you can be assured it's going to meet your marketing objectives which ultimately means you'll meet your business objectives too.

I won't offer you ridiculous quotes and I will happily tell you if I think the job requires specialist skills which I don't have or cannot acquire. And if we don't get along like a house on fire then I wouldn't expect you to want to pursue working with me either - because professional relationships matter.

Fear nought, if you do decide to go with me, and I sincerely hope you do, you'll receive the benefit of my 15+ years of creating photos and video, a seamless process and a highly professional outcome.

We recently booked Al for a corporate event at the Blackpool Tower and were so impressed from start to finish! Al was great to work with, excellent communication and transparency from the off set.
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Amy - Event Marketer
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Video Production

Comprehensive Video Production Services

As well as being a Cumbrian Photographer, I also offer a full suite of video production services for businesses, whether you operate in Windermere, where I am, Kendal, Ambleside, Keswick, elsewhere in Cumbria, Lancashire or further afield in the UK.

Here are some of the ways I can help you with video production.

Video Service

Event Video Coverage

Capture what happens at an event so the best bits of footage or the entire event can be reused at a later date:

Ideal for promoting tickets for sale, recording live acts or making a record of decisions.
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Video Service

Product Videos

Product videos pique interest, boost engagement and ultimately make sales. Get a quote and see how a product video can ignite your sales funnel.
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Video Service

Short Form (Social) Videos

If you utilise social media in your marketing you'll be aware of the necessity for short form video content.

This service gives you optimised short form content and is designed to meet a specific channel objective.
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Video Service

Brand Video

Stand out. Captivate. Convert. Craft a brand video that mesmerizes your audience. See the difference a brand video can make to your marketing campaigns.
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Video Production Process

How Do You Make a Commercial Video?

I start my commercial video production by asking questions about your marketing objectives. 

  • What problem(s) are you trying to solve?
  • Who is the target audience?
  • What outcome are you trying to achieve?
  • Where are you going to show your video?
  • What's your budget?

Once these basics are understood we can create a video storyboard to identify what each part of the video will look like and how it all fits together. This will also inform what shots need to be captured, what music will be appropriate to accompany the video and an idea of location, models, props, lighting etc too.

Then we get all of these things together and set a time to capture the footage. Systematically stepping through the shot list will allow us to capture everything, making sure we don't miss anything off.

After the footage has been captured, I'll take it away to edit together.

When I've created a rough cut (a first draft) I'll send it to you for comments. If you're happy with where it is so far I'll then finish off the edit and produce a final video for you have. This will then be yours to distribute.

If you'd like to hear more about my process in detail, why not have a look at this page: How to create a commercial video - a step by step guide.

Video Production Costs

How much does it cost?

It's not a simple question, but here's a starter for 10...

Video production is based upon a few factors grouped into categories - The planning phase (pre-production), the shooting phase (production) and the editing phase (post-production). Each video will require a different amount of time and cost to do well. You can't create a good video without each of these three stages.

In general, social videos are the cheapest to produce and range from £250 upwards. I offer discounts for clients requesting multiple social videos at a time.

Event videos are the next cheapest but depend up how much footage needs to be captured. Prices start at £250 + shooting time charged at £100 per hour of coverage. But, once you've got the footage, more videos can be made from the same source content giving you greater cost efficiency.

Product and brand videos will be largely the same and start from £1200.

For more details on where the cost comes from have a look at this article: How much does a commercial video cost in the UK.

If you'd like a more accurate quote please get in touch and let's chat through what you're trying to achieve.
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Do you need regular photos & video content for your website, social media and other marketing channels?

Check out my monthly content creation service...

If you've got a business which needs regular content, whether it's for social media, supporting blog articles, print advertising or email, let me take away the burden of making it yourself.

I will supply you with all the imagery and provide you need with a range of photo and video products in multiple formats for all of your marketing needs.

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    Affordable fixed price content creation for all of your digital photo and video needs

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    Same quality images and videos as my non-retainer services but heavily discounted for preferred clients

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    Receive a set amount of photos and videos but receive duplicate copies which have been optimised for each of your print and digital marketing channels

Prices start at only £300 per month!
Quarterly packages also available for seasonal businesses.
See my content creation packages
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