Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her


re you struggling to come up with a perfect and unique anniversary gift idea for her? If you’re tired of the same things popping up, then perhaps it’s time to think outside the box. 

Finding ourselves in a similar quandary, my friend and I recently found ourselves trying to come up with a memorable and unique anniversary gift idea. With their wedding anniversary fast approaching, he and his wife were at a loss for ideas. But they wanted to make an effort to do something a bit different. Something that they’d remember. Something that gave them that oh-so-precious time together.

As two guys who run our own businesses, with wives that work full time too, we’ll often find ourselves apart from each other during family time. And when we are at home, one of us is always on the school run, taking them to swimming lessons, supporting them in the latest school play, football game or attempts to win gold in the science competition. It can be really hard to get that quality time together. 

While we might dread this annual event for coming up with the required “inspiring ideas”, your anniversary really is the perfect excuse to do something good together. You can stop the clock, organise for someone else to take care of the kids (if you like - more on that in a moment) and take time to appreciate each other.

Unique ideas for shared experiences

That’s when we hit on it, the perfect anniversary gift idea for her is really a gift for us both. Surely the best gift you can give your partner is the gift of shared experiences. That time together that we never seem to take. The gift of shared experiences.

What do you do for fun with your partner? My wife and I like to run together when we have a rare kid-free moment. That is precious time that we get to spend together. Just the two of us, doing something we both find fun and challenging. A shared experience, yes, but it’s not really an anniversary gift idea for her. 

Of course, the next obvious one was to book a table at a decent local restaurant. It’s always a good option. Neither of you has to buy the food, prep the food, cook or wash up. You do get to spend that quality time together we were hoping for.

If you’re anything like us, the last couple of years have been frantic. We’ve hardly had time to keep up with normal family life, plus work and all the craziness in the world. We love spending time outdoors. We love adventure and relaxation. We’re craving something different, something new. We’re also in need of a bit of solitude, a break from the world at large. It would be nice to do something that creates some lasting memories. Something unique.

Sound familiar?

Spending quality time together

Finding that unique anniversary gift idea

Coming up with something unique is hard though. There are all the usual things that come up when you search for “unique anniversary gift ideas” or even “adventurous anniversary gift ideas”.

Gift experiences you don't want!

Quad biking anyone? Hot air balloon rides? 

No, not really our cup of tea either…. Somehow we always feel part of a conveyor belt. And the whole thing is often over before you’ve even had time to relax into it and get to the enjoyment part.

You might look at a weekend getaway to a new city perhaps. You’d get a bit more time together.

But the weather is getting better in the UK. There really are signs of Spring now. The call of outdoors and the chance to spend time in nature is getting louder.

So maybe you can save the city break for another day.

Shared Outdoor Adventures

There are loads of things to do in the Lake District. So, if we’re not going for a city break, but you do fancy making a weekend of it, the Lake District is an incredible option for you. Even if you don’t have a massive budget, you can still do something different. There are some amazing places to stay to start with, and if you’re the adventurous type, why not go self-catering? You can even stay in a yurt - now that’s cool! 

And from there you might want to go for a night of star gazing. There’s not a lot more romantic than that for an anniversary, right?

But how to top it off? We’re looking for an adventure, something that you can actually do together.

Being together, doing something you both enjoy without the stress of anything

The trip you never knew existed.

You’ve nailed the accommodation, and a romantic night under the stars, but what about something you can do in the daytime? We live in the Lake District. And trust me, there are a lot of options for families and couples looking for activities and fun things to do together. But you’re looking for something different, something memorable. Something that will stand out. Something that you’ll be grateful you gave each other.

Walking tours with a difference

How about a walking tour in the Lake District? I’m not talking about the same tour that everyone goes on. No, we’d be straight back to the conveyer belt problem. This is personal, just for you and your partner (although you can bring the small people too, more of that later….). It’s designed for you, and every detail is planned for you. This is a walking tour with a difference that'd be perfect for your anniversary. 

As a Lake District local, I have found some stunning routes to take you on. We go to find the hidden gems, the awe-inspiring panoramas and the magical caves - places that other walking tours just don’t cover.

And before you ask, it’s not all crampons and climbing gear. We don’t spend a huge amount of time walking uphill. Let's face it, not everyone wants to spend their anniversary walking uphill all day!

Lots of the “usual” walking tours will have you all scrabbling up to summit Helvellyn or Scafell Pike. But on a Photographed Lake District Walking Tour, we are all about enjoying ourselves. 

Without the uphill slog involved, you can take time to enjoy the views and savour the experience. Plus, have you ever thought of this? Getting to the top of that hill, it’s all well and good, but sometimes you miss out on those views you came to see. The clouds can creep in at higher levels, reducing the chance of seeing that jaw-dropping scenery. 

Did someone mention lunch?

You can even include an anniversary meal too. How about gourmet food on the trail, cooked by Harrison Ward (aka Fell Foodie). He’ll be your personal chef, providing you with a restaurant-style meal cooked before your eyes in an idyllic outdoor setting. Harrison is famed for (amongst other things) baking a cake on a camp stove in the Lakes for Mary Berry. No soggy bottoms on this trip! 

A guided walking tour which also includes...

And the icing on the cake? I’m a professional photographer. So you can leave the mobile phone at home or simply forget about taking photos of you both. I’ll be there to ensure the best moments from your day are on camera.

There are currently two routes to choose from. One takes 5 hours (including lunch stops, and plenty of time to admire the views) and the other is a little longer at 8 hours. With the longer days arriving, this is a fabulous way to spend the day. We might even stop for a dip in one of the Lakes as we pass - bliss!

Ever had restaurant quality food cooked for you on a hike?

Kids or no kids?

The 20 million pound question. If you’re coming for a mini-break in the Lake District, you’ll probably have the small humans in tow. The great thing about this idea is that you both get to choose! Can you arrange childcare for the day? If so - why not leave them behind and organise this just for the two of you? 

If not… then bring them along too! My Photographed Lake District Walking Tours are suitable for small family groups of up to 6 people and you can even bring (well-behaved) dogs along.

You’ll still get to spend that precious time together, but as a family. Creating memories and going home with photographs you’ll treasure forever.

So if you’re searching for anniversary gift ideas for her (or for both of you!), then consider a shared experience that will create lasting memories. 

The best anniversary gift ideas are unique shared experiences

Whether it’s a Photographed Lake District Walking Tour or something completely different, the most important thing is to spend quality time together and celebrate everything that’s special about the two of you.

If you’d like to learn more about these ideas or to book a walking tour, then book your FREE Experience Consultation now or visit my Experiences page for more information. I’d love to help you plan the perfect anniversary gift.

Oh, and P.S. of course, my mate and his wife have booked. They’ve gone for the gourmet food option, and they’re leaving the kids at Grandma’s. Just saying…..

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