Autumnal Outdoor Family Portraits


hotos of new families are always fun to do, especially when you catch the perfect autumnal moment. This shoot with Sally, Russ and their little tiger, George was timed to perfection to capture those superb colours.

I met the happy family at Queenswood Country Park and Arboretum one misty morning in October. All were in good spirits and keen to see how the next few hours would unfold. Like most of my clients, many have not had a portrait session with a photographer before and so were largely unaware of what to expect. 

I chose to meet them at Queenswood because of the variety of settings for which we could 'play' with in our pictures. When I take a family session I feel it's important to give all people involved a chance to have an individual shot and also group shots too. Having a variety of scenes allows for variety of imagery and ultimately a more pleasing collection of images at the end. The benefit of this particular park was it's fantastic playground and also, as you'll see, there's also a Gruffalo trail too to keep George interested in what we were doing.

I think we did alright, don't you? 

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